1. The Culture Check-in

Interactive session(s) with you and your team to determine your start point (from an engagement and well-being stand point).
  • Provide a baseline metric against which to judge your on-going efforts
  • Identify your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop an action plan moving forward
  • Allow your people to have a voice and be part of the solution/improvement process

2. Culture Card Workshop

Team led, facilitator-assisted discovery and creation opportunity.
  • Develop a cause/mission for your people to connect with and rally around
  • Identify a set of Core Values that guide your actions moving forward
  • Increase the buy-in, and bond to the organisation through involvement in the co-creation process
  • Create a unique employer brand to assist in recruitment and retention

3. Culture Coaching

On-going coaching and guidance for accelerated integration and uptake.
  • Independent facilitator to explore and examine progress
  • Provide an accountability mechanism for initiatives
  • Unique and innovative engagement strategy options
  • Positive behaviour and interaction training

Quickly capture the truth of your situation. As easy as 1-2-3

1. Ask the questions:

Straight-forward, secure, and anonymous climate survey - only takes 5 min.

2. Gain the insight:

Receive an overview of outcomes - know your wins and work-ons.

3. Create the action plan:

Get support and suggestions - set your initial improvement strategy.


Find out where your team sit... FAST

The Process

You sign up (customised link issued) - Your team provide their input.

We collate & condense the information - You get an easy to read report & recommendations.

The Benefits

Robust and relevant questioning - accessing the information you need to know.

Expert analysis and interpretation - cutting through the noise, highlighting the key messages.

Personalised summary information - identifying YOUR top opportunities and obstacles.

Proven support resources - tools and tips to create "quick wins" with team culture.

The Price

Depends on the size of your team.

Did you know...


64% of all employees do not feel they have a strong work culture

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